August 2022 - Tech & Travel

Announcing our August 2022 Box - Tech & Travel

I’m always up for a trip. Near or far it doesn’t matter, I love to travel. This quarter’s bags, the Power Trip tech bag from ByAnnie, the Laptop Commuter Carrier II bag from By Annie and the Park Sling Bag from Sew Sweetness. I was thinking about the coming school year, the idea that we can travel more and I needed a new laptop bag.

I was also inspired by some new canvas fabrics that were arriving this Summer. Due to lead times with fabric I try to be 6-9 months ahead in my box planning, so I was really excited when the fabrics came in and I know you will love them.

Traveling, whether it is for fun or your daily commute, is always improved by a great bag. I use this quarter’s tech pattern, the laptop bag, almost every day. It holds everything I need and is bright and unique. I wanted a laptop bag that is comfortable and holds not only my laptop but also my tech bag with all my cords and accessories. I also usually have a planner, a few notebooks and a pencil bag. No sweat for this bag. 

Since a laptop bag may not be for everyone, I also wanted a second choice. That choice is a sling style backpack. This style is very popular and let’s face it we don’t always use both straps on a conventional backpack anyway. This backpack can be worn on your right or left and has tons of pockets. The strap is padded and very comfortable and it comes in two sizes. I’ll use the smaller sling for a purse, a daypack and for small trips. The larger sling will be great for travel and my laptop fits in this size perfectly. The larger sling fits my husband so I’ll be making one for him.

Whether you are traveling near or far, these bags will go anywhere. I hope you make a few of these quarter’s bags.

You have the option of a laptop bag or a sling bag (you will have enough fabric for both sizes of sling bag). 

Amy had some fun picking out the fabric so we actually have 9 color ways to choose from this time. Each one does have a limited number so we encourage you to sign up and pick your desired one.

Here is a YouTube video where Amy goes through the color ways.

 If you are thinking of subscribing, head over to our page where you can see the color ways and make a selection. If you see a color way you are interested in then you can chose it and then sign up for the quarterly subscription. 

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