June 2024 - Summer is Almost Here

Blog Post Sew Let’s Make A Bag June 2024

Summer is almost here

Living and owning a business in the midwest I have come to love the changing of seasons. Every year we love the anticipation of warmer weather. As our small town starts to come alive with the green of spring and residents who “fly” south for the winter coming back. We also see campers and weekend travelers starting to return. I think about weekend travels and packing a backpack for the weekend to “Getaway”. 

My travel season starts early. I need to get my travel done in January through March. So I was looking for a backpack that is big enough for a small trip but not too big. I do a fair amount of research, always looking for bags that fit different purposes. 

This Sallie Tomato bag “Tripper” is a backpack that fits the bill. It has so many pockets. I love that. Padded straps for comfort. The larger side pockets on the outside fit a good size water bottle and keep it secure. Being an “over packer” I found it difficult to fill it too full. The Tripper is just the right size for air travel and would make a great day trip bag or a beach bag.

But the Tripper needs a friend.

The Payday bag by By Annie is a perfect companion. Small enough that you can slide it into your Tripper backpack and larger enough that all your purse essentials fit nicely. The payday is a perfectly sized crossbody bag. Lots of pockets and slots for cards. You may end up making more than one. The pattern comes in two sizes. Sew Let’s Make A Bag subscribers are making the large crossbody version. But the wallet is fantastic as well. This bag will teach you new techniques. I love learning a new technique.

Summer is almost here. Let’s get out and explore.