March 2024 - Organization Cubed

As I was thinking about ideas for the March box, the approaching spring made me think of getting organized. I’m continually looking for fun ways to organize my projects. I have quilt kits, foundation piecing projects, bag projects and English paper piecing projects. As I get more into different quilting avenues like English Paper piecing I find that storage is always a challenge. 

I wanted a way to organize and use fun and beautiful fabrics and I needed a way to keep larger projects neat, tidy and easy to pick up when the mood strikes.

 The Room With A View cube is a great choice for organizing multiple projects or giving a “Block of the Month” a home. The vinyl window makes it easy to see what project or projects are inside at a glance. 

I also included a project bag pattern in the box so you can use these two organizing elements together. The project bag protects and helps to keep your pieces all together. The project bag has vinyl pockets on both sides so that you can put smaller pieces or your pattern on one side and larger pieces on the other.

The last element is a fantastic tool and notion bag called the Bonza, bionic gear bag. This compact bag has tiered zippered pockets for storing all your supplies and one zipper keeps everything in its place. This bag lends itself to customization. So, you can set it up to suit your needs.

I, like most of us, always have multiple projects going. Organizing and reorganizing is a constant process, why not make your organization fun too.

 Check out my Wednesday live (2/28/2024) where I showed the projects completed so far. 

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