November 2022 Box - Day Time/Night Time

Box #3- November Day Time to Night Time Bag(s)

This quarter's box started with fabric inspiration. Tula added a bonus line this year called Parisville DejaVu, which is a rework of a favorite line. I loved the colors and the cameo!! As I was going through that same catalog I found two more color saturated lines that were really great, Belle Epoque and Birds in Paradise. “Now what to do with these fabrics.”

I searched through many sources trying to find new shapes and useful fun patterns. Because last quarter's bag had many zippers and bindings, I was looking for great projects that were opposite to the last projects. The Opossum bag from Sew Sweetness checked a lot of boxes. Great for a daytime tote, check. Can handle a bigger focus fabric, check. Can use cork or vinyl, check. 

The second bag entailed a bit more research. I was thinking a smaller bag would be a good companion to the Opossum Bag and discovered the “Carrie Bag” from Sallie Tomato. This bag is a sweet medium sized bag that is great for those evening or smaller outings.

These are bags that can be great gifts and be dressed up to use everyday!

Boxes will be available for local pick up on 11/19 and shipping by 11/21.

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