Our Quarterly Bag Subscription box will ship out on the first week of the month starting with February. Subsequent shipping months will be May, August and November. 

Once you have signed up for the subscription you will be sent an email with a link or a form to complete letting us know which color way choice you would like.

Subscriptions will be charged initially when you sign up and then subsequent charges will happen on the 1st of the Month that the box is shipping on. For example if you subscribe on January 15th, you will be charged that day for the February box and then on May 1st for the May box.

As a subscriber you will have first choice on the selection of color ways. 45 days prior to the next shipment date you will receive an email with the next project and color ways. You will have up to 14 days to make your selection.

We will open up the subscription plan again 30 days prior to ship date to allow for others to join in on the fun. It will open to our waitlist first and then to any visitors.

Should you want to change or cancel your subscription, we ask that you do so at least 21 days prior to the next shipping date. 

Here is a link to the subscription policy